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Jun 10 2014

Net Neutrality

Please do what you can to support net neutrality! It’s so important.

I love this comment by Kim Niles:

“I, like many others, am deeply concerned about protecting the free and open internet for ALL people of the United States.

“Internet access is essential to quality of life, education, employment, workplace, and quality of service that companies offer their customers. It is clear that the internet is also fast becoming VITAL in marketing and promotion for individual entrepreneurs and small companies. If you cause the death of Net Neutrality by pursuing a 2-lane/2-tiered system, your action will essentially stifle entrepreneurship, cripple small businesses, and decapitate those who’ve worked hard in their ascent to reach the American dream.

“I do NOT want to see a two-tiered internet because it essentially equates to one lane for the “haves” and one lane for the “have nots”. Internet providers already offer multiple price/speed level packages to consumers. Competing companies should NOT be made to spend more for an exclusive/Premium level in order to compete for success in this country. Nor should individuals, entrepreneurs, companies or corporations be funneled into a lesser/bottle-necked/stifling speed service because they cannot afford to pay exorbitant fees for a Premium service.

“Furthermore, Internet Service Providers should NOT be allowed to continue to bully companies (nor individuals) into anything by putting a squeeze on their internet service – There is PROOF that this IS happening – It is criminal and I therefore request the FCC reclassify Internet Service Providers as Title II common carriers.”