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Dec 4 2012

Day 17 (Loose Ends)

Where’s yesterday’s update? Lost forever in the abyss. Honestly, it was just a day of tweaking things. The band looked everything over and made some minor changes to a few songs. We’re trying to use our remaining time in the studio very wisely. Oh, also, Ian did vocals on “Zombie Prom”. I almost forgot about that.

As for today, the guys recorded “Greensleeves” live with Andrew on bass in the control room. There were a few reasons for rerecording the song, but it mostly came down to the fact that things weren’t syncing up right. We finished the day off with Ian singing on the track.

Vocals on “Zombie Prom”

Voice -> Neumann U67 -> Neve 3115 -> Tube-Tech CL 1B

Vocals on “Greensleeves”

Voice -> Neumann U67 -> Neve 3115 -> UA 1176LN