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Dec 1 2012

Day 14 (Long Stretch)

The show went really well! It was sold out, so it was obviously packed. The guys even played some songs from the forthcoming album, which was a good idea. Practice, practice, practice. In the studio, things were back to normal. We tracked more guitar on “Greensleeves”, “Teenage Shakes”, and “Roarin’ 20s” today. Ian and Henry also sang together on “Decoder Ring” and “Home Again”.

Guitar on “Greensleeves”

Guitar -> Univox 155r Amp -> Beyerdynamic 201 -> Neve 3115
Room -> RCA 74B -> Great River ME-1NV

Vocals on “Decoder Ring” and “Home Again”

Ian -> Neumann U67 -> Neve 3115 -> UA 1176LN
Henry -> Sennheiser 421 -> Great River ME-1NV -> KuSh Audio UBK Fatso -> API 550b
Henry -> Sennheiser 421 -> Great River ME-1NV -> Inovonics 201 -> API 550b