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Nov 11 2012

Day 5 (Groovin’)

Mike played bass on “Teenage Shakes”, “90s Alt Rock”, “Birds”, and “Wallflowers” today. Andrew took over bass duties for “I’ll Come Back”. The setup was kept fairly simple. We ran the bass through some pedals into an amp, while simultaneously taking a clean DI signal. The bass for “Birds” was actually played through a Vox AC30. For “Wallflowers”, we put the signal through an array of distortion pedals to get a sound similar to that of “In the Garage” by Weezer. Henry ended playing a little guitar on “In Blue” and “Wallflowers”. In the guitar signal chain, the Quad Eight MP-404 was substituted for a Neve 3115. Also, a RCA 74B was used as a room mic. Before heading out, Andrew sampled a harpsichord for “Wallflowers”. We’ll see if that makes it to the mixing stage.

Bass setup:

Fender P Bass -> Great River ME-1NV -> Dbx 160x -> API 550b
Fender P Bass -> Vox AC30 -> EV RE20 -> Quad Eight MP-404
Fender P Bass -> Ampeg B15 -> EV RE20 -> Quad Eight MP-404
Fender P Bass -> Gallien-Krueger 400RB -> EV RE20 -> Quad Eight MP-404