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Nov 9 2012

Day 3 (More Drums)

Earlier today, we took a trip to Guitar Center. Ian tried out some pedals while Andrew bought a couple of new cymbals. Shortly after, we went straight to the studio and had another full day of recording drums. Not much changed overall. The Coles 4038 was moved closer to the kit and sent through a Dbx 160x and SPL Transient Designer. Nick tried out different snares and cymbals on “Birds”, which was completely reworked. In the end, he reverted back to using an earlier snare. Drums were also tracked for “Greensleeves” and “Wallflowers”.

Kit setup:

Kick In – Beyerdynamic M88 -> Great River ME-1NV
Kick Out – AKG D12 -> Neve 3115
Snare Top – Beyerdynamic 201 -> API 512c -> EL8 Distressor -> Sphere Eclipse EQ
Snare Bottom – Shure Beta 57A -> Great River ME-1NV
Hat – Altec M-20 -> Quad Eight MP-404
Rack – Sony C38B -> Amek 9098
Floor – Beyerdynamic M88 -> Amek 9098
Room – Cascade X-15 -> Chandler Limited TG2
Ride – Beyerdynamic M160 -> Telefunken V72a
Room – Coles 4038 -> Siemens 811 -> API 550b -> Dbx 160x