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Nov 8 2012

Day 2 (Drum Sounds)

Today was all about drums. Nick wanted to come up with a kit sound reminiscent of the one on Weezer’s debut LP. In particular, the song “My Name Is Jonas” was a bit of a reference. After sorting out some minor issues with a rack mic and loss of power on one side of the control room, we started things off with a song tentatively titled “In Blue”. A handful of drum takes later, Andrew put together a drum comp to get an idea of where the song is heading. Drum tracking continued into the early evening. “90s Alt Rock” was restructured to include a solo section, while “Teenage Shakes” was recorded without a hitch. Taking a short break, Mike came into the control room and recorded bass on two songs. Next, the band did a run through of the incredibly catchy tune “I’ll Come Back” with Andrew playing bass in the control room. We called it a night a few takes later. Overall, a highly productive session.

Kit setup:

Kick In – Beyerdynamic M88 -> Great River ME-1NV
Kick Out – AKG D12 -> Neve 3115
Snare Top – Beyerdynamic 201 -> API 512c -> EL8 Distressor -> Sphere Eclipse EQ
Snare Bottom – Shure Beta 57A -> Great River ME-1NV
Hat – Altec M-20 -> Quad Eight MP-404
Rack – AKG 414 EB -> Amek 9098
Floor – Sony C38B -> Amek 9098
Room Center – Cascade X-15 -> Chandler Limited TG2
Room L – Neumann U87 -> Siemens 811
Room R – Coles 4038 -> Siemens 811 -> API 550b -> KuSh Audio UBK Fatso

Bass setup:

Fender P Bass -> Eclair Engineering Evil Twin Tube DI -> UA 1176
Fender P Bass -> Ampeg Portaflex -> EV RE20