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Nov 7 2012

Day 1 (Snow Day)

The Static Jacks, Andrew Maury, and I arrived at the studio around 12 PM. But after only a few hours of familiarizing ourselves with the place, snow started pummeling down pretty hard outside, so we decided to head home. And it’s a good thing we did because it was a slippery ride back. Conditions on the road almost doubled our normal drive time. The day wasn’t a total bust, though. We managed to try out a few new snare drums, position mics around the kit, and get a lot of gear up and running. The band also received exciting news, which they’ll be announcing shortly. The rest of the day was spent at Chipotle and watching Joe Barresi videos.

Basic kit setup:

Kick In – Beyerdynamic M88 -> Great River ME-1NV
Kick Out – AKG D12 -> Neve 3115
Snare Top – Beyerdynamic 201 -> API 512c
Snare Bottom – Shure Beta 57A -> Great River ME-1NV
Hat – Altec M-20 -> Quad Eight MP-404
Rack – Sony C38B -> Amek 9098
Floor – Sony C38B -> Amek 9098
OH L – Neumann KM84 -> Chandler Limited TG2
OH R – Neumann KM84 -> Chandler Limited TG2
Room L – Neumann U87 -> Siemens 811
Room R – Coles 4038 -> Siemens 811